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ISCEA Membership

Please contact ISCEA INDIA to change account name.
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Please contact ISCEA INDIA to change password.
• Register as an SCNext member on by choosing offline payment • Pay due amount by NEFT – bank transfer subscription of Rs. 700/- p.a. to SCNext India HDFC Bank Account online being membership fee. • In online bank payment transaction remarks you need to mention your name and B-School for easy co-relation. Membership will be activated only after confirmation of payment / mail from students with NEFT details to Students are encouraged to take membership and avail of India Scholarship pricing for online Global Certification as Certified Supply Chain Analysts or Certified Demand Driven Planners.
ISCEA SCNext Member benefit from • free participation in ISCEA organised / supported B-School select events like Global Case Competition (ISCEA-Ptak) • Subsidized – privileged entry to ISCEA Global Events like o SCTECH 2018 happening in Mumbai on 22-24 February 2018 o ISCEA Hackathon o ISCEA Ptak Awards Nite – 2018 www. • Scholarship pricing of ISCEA online global certifications in Supply Chain • Scholarship pricings can get them discounts from about 70% to 100% depending on merit and Operations – Supply Chain education and experience • Accesses to fellow young professionals in India and ISCEA Mentors • Leverage one-to-one mentorship program and guidance from industry experts • Gain free global conference passes, networking luncheons with our corporate partners
For India Scholarship prices do contact Classroom sessions for 20+ students at one location across two days can be organised. Contact us for pricings and classroom session scheduling. Other courses in Demand in India like Lean & Six Sigma / e-Commerce Workshops can also be organised. For online global certification look up online exam schedule (scholars – members do not register here, contact us locally) • for CSCA : • for CDDP :
ISCEA has supported hundreds of case-study – paper writing – talent hunt competitions in India with: • Industry cases - topics • Live cases • Judging help from industry mentors • Global online training and certification to winners • Industry Guest visit – lecture facilitation • Industry visits
• For Scholarship pricing get in touch with us or our Campus Ambassadors at your B-School • For tie-up with B-School or your Operations – Supply Chain Club contact us :
ISCEA SCNext has good footfalls pan-India in terms of strategic MoUs, Campus Ambassadors and global Certificate holders

Purchases & Refunds

If you are facing payment issue please contact ISCEA INDIA for clarification.
Please contact ISCEA INDIA to get process for refund.
there is no coupon option for redeem.

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