Mr. Harold G. Clampitt

ISCEA – Director of RFID Programs

Mr. Clampitt is the CEO and Founder of American RFID Solutions, LLC. Prior to founding American RFID Solutions LLC, Mr. Clampitt held technology leadership roles in SAFCO Technologies and the Bell system of companies, including Bell Cellular.  His success can be attributed  to a combination of technical knowledge and international business skills. Harold understands emerging technology and the global market place. Optimizing return on investment in emerging technologies where product half-lives range from 6 to 36 months are hallmarks of Mr. Clampitt’s career. To complement his EE degree and licensed professional engineer designation, Mr. Clampitt earned a Masters of Business Administration with a specialty in Finance from the University of Chicago. Mr. Clampitt is a founding member of the RFID+ Cornerstone Committee and the International Supply Chain Education Alliance RFID program.